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The UK is top for hosting solutions, UK companies are among some of the best in the world. Why? the Web Hosting IT Industry in the UK is firmly established and is often used in preference by both British and foreign businesses. It is possible to find many hosting solutions in the UK, from free UK hosting right up to premium prices. However in terms of finding a good value UK web hosting with an INNOVATIVE approach that is right for your business or organisation in the 21st century, then the field is limited. Vital Input are a unique winning combination: expertise in IT but also innovative and artistic staff. We combine latest multi-media techniques which help you engage with prospects or prospective clients. And there's more.. we offer, reliability, latest technology, customer support and overall professionalism.

Vital Input employs some innovative interactive tools that no-one in the World (as far as we know) is yet using.


Looking for unique Media Rich Design Solution?

Need Cutting-Edge Interactive Design for Educational Resources?

On September 23 2011 Vital Input revealed more of its core business activity: Online and public round table seminars for Corporate clients 'The aim is to start and establish friendly business between Europe, USA, Asia and China using exciting new interactive live conferencing and Public Domain Broadcasts connecting the globe East,West, North and South.' said Angel Luce, spokesperson for Vital Input, 'Our Media platform will make our clients more accessible and the medium means we can offer powerful interactive resources to Charitable and Educational organisations at greatly discounted rates.'



Vital Input - Helps YOU get a Web presence that REALLY works


1. Web presence is delivered by www.vitalintellectualproperties
2. Superb server by
3. Superb streaming broadcast by at 128kb/s stereo
4. Graphic Art & Video Production by
6. Photography by Steve Le Caz
5. Audio Production and Technical Management by
6. Research by Steve Le Caz and Angel Luce

web presentation & online hosts:
Steve Le Caz, Rosie Le Caz

Given the around 50% support Vital Input gives to the Community, we graciously give thanks to the following artists:
1. Rosetta Stone, Robin duBois Perdu, Kusp at
2. Kevin Mcloed at 3.PROMOTIONBANDS: Essence, Jun-em, Zander Sharp, Pierre Roxon, Screaming Martini, The Bell Curve
3. Creative Commons royalty free resources
4. A limited selection of classic mainstream tracks, all of which, are labelled with Vital Input signature overdub

1. All Rights remain with the original artists on all visual and aural media, downloads prohibited unless by specific invitation by your Web browser.
2. Any Rights oversight in respect of credits/rights to material will be quickly rectified by emailing

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Vital Input Media Rich Broadcasting
Vital Input CHANNELS - a unique platform for you and your business
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Vital Input featured CHANNELS
Vital Input featured CHANNELS
LOOKING FOR WEB HOSTING? CONSIDER: Interactivity like you never expected, Media-Rich Design, totally Project Managed, automatic Directory + Social Media profile, Broadcasting program profile, 750GB of rock-steady server slot with hi transfers. Vital Input can offer all this and handle the whole project for you.. join a dynamic Community
Vital Input
Vital Input provides a powerful Corporate platform with built in accessibly-priced Charitable features...
Vital Input defined? OK, think of it as a Community News Channel but of a unique nature...


MEDIA RICH BROADCASTING?... a new kind of connection between people Globally.

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Helps YOU get a Web presence that REALLY works. Vital Input helps you do just this!! part of the Spiral Media Productions Group spiralmediaproductions Group

Media-Rich Broadcasting is next paradigm shift in online communication